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Atlantic Edge, European Embrace – Limerick, where our edge has been sharpened as much by harsh Atlantic winds as by the tough trials of history. At the edge of the Shannon where the river meets the ocean there is a city on an island – Limerick!

Limerick sits in an enviable position, boasting some of the best connections across Ireland and beyond to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world. But this geographical position amounts to more than a mere grid reference on a map. Limerick offers energy, excitement, grit and limitless possibilities from its Atlantic location combined with the timeless, creative and hospitable character of Europe.

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Embrace Your Visit to Limerick

The start of the Great Southern Greenway trail to the coast through some of the continent’s most enticing countryside and villages. The home of the outdoor, river, and water-based adventures, suitable for everyone.

Limerick’s food scene, markets, restaurants, and pubs combine the innovative with the traditional while being welcoming, family-friendly, full of art, music, and easy-going people.

The gateway to The Wild Atlantic Way from a city whose identity is forged by European history, culture, and art. Limerick is close to nature while acting as a stage for street artists, live music and a calendar of cultural events

Discover All of What We Are

  • A destination skilled at regeneration with a world view that welcomes positive disruption and the possibilities that this offers
  • A gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way, a coastal county sitting on the tidal river Shannon
  • An open-minded approach that creates the conditions for innovation to thrive
  • A warm and inviting Irish welcome to the world
  • An English-speaking partner offering access to continental opportunities
  • Home of culture, creativity, history, and heritage in the European tradition
  • Collaborative and open
  • Strategic, scenic, and sociable Limerick is the capital of the visually striking West of Ireland, easily accessible internationally and domestically,  a walkable city, with shopping, incredible food, nightlife, live music, and sport.

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