Living Green

Living Green

Living Green is Clayton Hotels & Partners environmental movement that inspires care for our environment as a “Way of Life” throughout our hotels; both for our people and our guests.

At Clayton Hotel Limerick, we care deeply for our environment and are in the process of introducing environmentally-friendly changes to help play our part in protecting it. We have made some changes already and each time you visit us, we hope you will see others implemented. All our staff will be fully trained on our environmental policies and we will keep you updated through our guest portal.

All around the hotel we are looking at single-use items to reduce waste and asking our suppliers to minimise packaging and look at sustainable options. We are sourcing local suppliers where we can, to cut down on food miles. We have taken the Irish Water Conservation Pledge and reducing water waste which includes slightly reducing flow rates in taps and showers.

Insulation makes a difference to heat loss so we are adding more insulation anywhere it’s practical. We’re changing our floodlighting to low-energy LEDs and introducing endocubes in refrigerators to save energy.

Electric Parking and Charging

Here at the Clayton Hotel Limerick, we have three dedicated Eparking spaces located and monitored by The Steamboat Quay Car Park. The electric parking charging unit is provided by Easy Go Echarging and of course, there is no charge for use of the car park if you require the Echarging facilities.

Check out for more information on the charging units.

Urban Herb Garden

We are working on creating an Urban Herb Garden close to the hotel grounds. Even a small space planted with birds, bees, and wildlife in mind can make a big difference, particularly in an urban area.

Bike to Work

We are encouraging our staff to use the bike to work scheme with a bike holding area located at the back of the hotel. This is ideal for those staff who work close to the hotel while saving on those bus or car trips and decreasing our carbon footprint.

Social Responsibility

We will be working with a local charity by giving our time to help them with painting, cleaning and general maintenance throughout the year.

The Future

Clayton Hotel Limerick is committed to continuing our efforts in reducing our environmental impact. If you have any recommendations or would like to know more please contact us.


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