Special Ways to Propose

Popping the questions is a huge occasion and one that requires great thought and planning. Of course, everybody desires a unique, thoughtful, romantic, memorable proposal yet planning this special moment does not have to be stressful or expensive.

We have put together a few ideas to help get your creative thoughts flowing.

Keep it classic

Wine, dine and ring! Take your partner to their favourite restaurant, indulge in some beautiful food with a side of bubbles and top it all off while popping the all-important question “Will you marry me?”.

We’ve got history

Arrange a trip to a place that you both love or would love to visit. Let them plan what they want to do and see. When they are engrossed in the view and living their best life, their ear-to-ear grin is your prompt to drop to one knee.

Get the blood pumping

Fresh air makes for a fresh mind. We all do our best thinking and head space clearing while wandering around the outdoors. Plan a mountain hike with some amazing views and once you have reached the summit and feel empowered by your achievement, ask that question.

Things are so much easier with a sense of humour

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. Do you love making them laugh? Are they known for their non serious side? If so, make it something that will make them laugh. Yes, this is a serious question but that does not mean that you can’t make light of the situation, especially if they are fond of a belly laugh themselves.

It’s a family affair

A lot of people are very close to their family and their family would really love to share in the joy of committing to your life long partner. Friends and family can really help make the occasion an emotional loving journey that will be remembered forever.

Crowd control

There is nothing wrong with letting the world know that you love each other. Pick a place that is iconic for being busy but also romantic. Wait for the right moment and show the world some love by announcing you have found the one.

Heavenly homely

Like keeping it simple? Sometimes simple is super! If you have made a home for yourselves that you both love so much and have shared many memories then this can be the perfect spot to share another memory! Decorate the house with candles and all things nice. Cook a tasty dinner and get a special bottle of bubbly to surprise them with when they walk in the door!


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